Antonino "Tony" Alessi Sr.,93, founder of the nation's...

Deaths Elsewhere

July 08, 1999

Antonino "Tony" Alessi Sr.,93, founder of the nation's largest importer of Greek olives, died Friday in Tampa, Fla. He established the Alessi Vigo Importing Co. in 1947, first operating out of his garage. It grew into a multimillion-dollar family business.

Thor Alex Kappfjell,32, a daredevil Norwegian parachutist who gained fame with jumps from New York skyscrapers and the Eiffel Tower, died Tuesday in an accident on a cliff in western Norway, police said yesterday. "The Human Fly" apparently lost his bearings in fog after his parachute opened, and he hit the side of the cliff, they said.

Wallace E. Howell,84, a meteorologist known for his attempts to generate rain during a New York drought 50 years ago, died June 12 in San Diego. He spent two decades seeding clouds with dry ice and silver iodide in efforts to make rain in Canada, Cuba, Peru, the Philippines and other parched countries. In the 1960s, he developed one of the first snow-making machines for ski resorts.

Dr. C. Walton Lillehei,80, a pioneer who created many innovative open heart surgery techniques during the 1950s, died Monday in St. Paul, Minn., of cancer. He also contributed to the design of four prosthetic heart valves, including the widely used St. Jude medical mechanical heart valve.

Bob Lucas,60, a jazz pianist who played with greats such as Dave Brubeck and Dinah Shore, died Sunday in Sebastopol, Calif., of leukemia, two weeks after performing with Eddie Fisher.

Archbishop Mihail,88, the head of Macedonia's Orthodox Church, died Tuesday in Skopje, Macedonia.

Joaquin Rodrigo,97, one of Spain's best known composers, died Tuesday in Madrid. He was blinded by diphtheria at age 3, and as a child learned to play piano and violin with the help of Braille.


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