Lawyer finds it no trial to be traditional


Candid Closet: Brian Goodman, 42, of Pikesville spends days at court and off hours at the Young Victorian Theatre Company.

July 08, 1999|By Stephanie Shapiro | Stephanie Shapiro,SUN STAFF

Brian Goodman, 42, cherishes the familiar -- but with a dramatic twist. He attended Gilman, Johns Hopkins, the University of Maryland and is a trial lawyer/partner at Wright, Constable & Skeen. Goodman, of Pikesville, has also been general manager of the Young Victorian Theatre Company for 22 years.

"Obviously as a trial lawyer, you have to be comfortable appearing in front of people, be it judges or juries," Goodman says. "You have to communicate your client's position to people deciding issues in a particular case. There's a bit of theatrics in litigation, but not as much as people are led to believe if they watch `The Practice.' "

(The Young Vic's production of Gilbert & Sullivan's operetta, "The Gondoliers," takes place Saturday through July 18 at Bryn Mawr School. For ticket information call 410-323-3077.)

How would you describe your way of dressing?

I'm a very traditional dresser. There are lawyers who really dress up, with the bracelets and the Armani suits and all that kind of stuff. In addition to the issue of cost, I mostly do civil litigation and defense. The garb I'm comfortable with in a courtroom is more conservative.

How do you dress up your style for the theater?

For opening night, my wife will find me a really special necktie. I have one for this week that's turquoise, gray and gold. It's a Zegna tie, from Nordstrom, which is virtually the only place I shop.


It's the only place where I can find size 6 1/2 shoes. I can't get them anywhere else. The same goes for my clothing.

Where did you shop before Nordstrom came to Towson?

Nordstrom in Northern Virginia or Montgomery Mall.

What fashion rules do you adhere to?

I will not wear a double-breasted suit for two reasons. They don't look good on short men, and I'm not really comfortable wearing something that high fashion. I'm very particular. I like single-breasted suits with a single vent in back, not double. I insist my suit pants be cuffed, which is a more finished look. And I will wear a French cuffed shirt if I'm going out in the evening, but not at work. It's hard to write with cuff links; they get in the way.

Do you have shopping help?

My wife Laurie has excellent taste. She pretty much picks out all my stuff, unless it's a suit. And my 6 1/2-year-old daughter Fallon, she's been picking out my ties. She gave me a tie for my birthday that was just beautiful.

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