Plant meets holiday's water demand

3-day total lower compared with Memorial weekend

July 07, 1999

Water conservation during the second holiday weekend of the summer placed less stress than the first for the treatment plant in South Carroll, officials said yesterday.

Although demand reached the plant daily capacity of 3 million gallons Monday, that was the largest amount processed since restrictions on outdoor use began June 1. Overall use fell in the past 30 days by about 300,000 gallons a day.

"The plant is operating at manageable levels, and it's in good shape," said Gary Horst, county director of enterprise and recreation services, in a meeting with the county commissioners yesterday.

The plant processed 2.8 million gallons Saturday and 2.6 million Sunday. Totals from all three days were significantly lower than the Memorial Day weekend, when the plant processed 9.8 million gallons in three days and was forced to draw 800,000 gallons from storage tanks. In late May and early June, the plant ran at full capacity for nine consecutive days.

As of yesterday, an additional 2 million gallons remained in storage. The newest water tank came on line earlier this month, adding another 1 million gallons of storage capacity, bringing that total to 3.5 million gallons in storage.

The opening of summer signaled the onset of a water crisis for the 6,500 households that rely on the Freedom Water Treatment Plant, which draws from Liberty Reservoir. The county banned all outdoor use June 1 and modified it two weeks later to alternate days.

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