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July 07, 1999

Mystery Athlete

This Mystery Athlete has zoomed to three championships in four years. Using the clues below, can you figure out who he is?

The Clues:

1. The Mystery Athlete's car number is the sum of 13 and 11.

2. The hall of fame for the Mystery Athlete's sport is in Talladega, Alabama.

3. The Mystery Athlete's name can be arranged to spell "Nerd, jog off."

The Athlete's name

ANSWER: NASCAR driving champion Jeff Gordon.

Strange But True Stories about Sports


The bellhop carrying their bags looked familiar to the San Francisco 49ers. The players had just arrived in Detroit, Michigan, for the 1982 Super Bowl. Finally, one player figured out that the bellhop was their coach, Bill Walsh! The players burst out laughing. Coach Walsh pulled the prank to help his team relax. It worked. The 49ers won the Super Bowl.

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