An aardvark's adventures

Character Profile

July 07, 1999|By Melody Holmes

Created by author and cartoonist Marc Brown, Arthur is probably the world's most popular aardvark, and the only animal of his kind in the entire third grade. Only 8 years old, Arthur looks at least 13 because of his glasses. Some kids, like his best friend, Francine, call Arthur "four eyes", but his four eyes give Arthur a different perspective on life from most youngsters, or aardvarks, his age.

Besides playing with his dog, Pal, Arthur loves reading "Scare Your Pants Off" horror books and comic books. His favorite comic book superhero, Bionic Bunny, is the subject of many of the daydreams that get Arthur into trouble at school.

Playing in his tree house, eating pancakes and hanging out with his friends Buster and Francine are high on Arthur's list of favorites. When it comes to competition, he and his friends will go to great lengths to come out the winner of any challenge. None of them likes to lose.

Although Arthur loves to play with his friends and his dog, he's not so fond of playing with his little sister, D.W., short for Dora Winifred. His parents often ask him to let D.W. tag along with him and his friends, but to Arthur, her 4-year-old ideas of fun cramp his third-grade style.

Even though he hates the way D.W. can get in the way or talk too much when he and his friends are planning a show or getting ready for a race, Arthur loves his little sister and doesn't like to hurt her feelings by leaving her behind. His love for D.W., like most older brothers, can best be detected when his buddies aren't around.

When he grows up, Arthur plans to make great achievements as either a teacher, a doctor, a veterinarian, an explorer or maybe even Bionic Bunny's animal trainer. For, now getting through the third grade will be achievement enough.

You can see Arthur on public television stations or online at a or check out some of Arthur's adventures in books at your local library. Here are some titles:

"Arthur Tricks the Tooth Fairy"

"Arthur's Really Helpful Word Book"

"Where's Arthur's Gerbil?"

"Arthur Meets the President"

"Arthur's First Sleepover"

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