Swim the Silver Sea, Joshie Otter'

Story Time

July 07, 1999|By Nancy White Carlstrom

Editor's note: When none of the other animals will play with him, Joshie the sea otter swims too far out to sea, until he's called back by his mother's singing.

Joshua Otter wanted to play. "Oh no, not today," said his mama.

She called, "Stop right now."

But he swam far away to the great rocks of the seal baby pups.

But those pups were asleep and they didn't hear him and they wouldn't wake up.

So he swam to the brown walrus calves on the sand.

And he asked them politely please once, then please twice.

But they couldn't come down and they wouldn't come play.

So Joshua Otter swam farther away to the sky-climbing cliffs of the puffins.

But the puffins were resting not wanting to swim not noticing him thinking only of nesting in crevices.

The kittiwakes too all had something to do as they stood red-legged squawking on perches.

While the murres dove down deep fishing to eat, and the arctic fox wily stalked, watching.

Poor Joshua Otter who wanted to play swam out of day into night.

And was lost in the very dark scary dark sea.

Joshua Otter afraid and alone

Joshua Otter was farther from home than ever before in his life.

He listened to splashing and crashing, the rushing and roaring of water on rocks.

Then over the waves came the words of a song calling and calling and calling his name. The strong safe voice of his mama.

Swim the silver sea, Joshie Otter

Swim on home to me, Joshie Otter

While night stirs above

Come to me, my love

And swim the silver sea, my Joshie Otter. *BREAK HERE*

Dive the silver sea, Joshie Otter

Dive on home to me, Joshie Otter

When the moon comes up

Brave the waves, my pup

And dive the silver sea, my Joshie Otter.

He swam past the fox still looking for eggs, the black and white murres and the birds with red legs.

He swam past the puffins on cliffs. He swam past the brown walrus calves on the sand and the seal baby pups at the great gray rocks.

He followed that song over waves in the night on the billowy deep through the silver moonlight. Those words pulled him home.

And mama was waiting to put him to bed.

Joshua Otter slept all through the night.

He slept and he dreamt then they greeted the day.

Joshie and Mama, two otters at play.

From SWIM THE SILVER SEA, JOSHIE OTTER by Nancy White Carlstrom. Text Copyright c 1993 by Nancy White Carlstrom. Illustrations c 1993 by Ken Kuroi. Reprinted by permission of Philomel Books, a division of Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers.

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