Voices to remember

Radio: A freewheeling reunion show on WCBM brings together some Baltimore broadcast legends from all over the country Sunday.

July 07, 1999|By Chris Kaltenbach | Chris Kaltenbach,SUN STAFF

Joe Knight will be driving up from Florida. Jack Wells is coming from California. And Buddy Deane will be phoning from his home in Arkansas.

They and more than a dozen other personalities from Baltimore's radio and television past will be converging on the WCBM studios Sunday for an on-the-radio reunion its organizer promises will recapture all the old glory.

"I think there's always a taste for nostalgia," says Eddie Applefeld, who himself has been working on Baltimore radio for nearly a quarter-century. "The pace of life is so frenetic today, sometimes it's nice to step back and remember the way things were."

"The Legends of Baltimore TV and Radio" is slated to air from 9 p.m. to midnight on WCBM-AM (680) -- a highly appropriate venue, given the station is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

Applefeld, who does free-lance work for WCBM, sister station WWLG-AM (1360) and WQSR-FM (105.7), where he's known by the moniker Mr. Hollywood, says he first thought about putting the reunion together only about two months ago.

The response, he says, has been overwhelming.

"We got just about everybody we tried to reach," says Applefeld, who will serve as host for the broadcast. "I think people are looking forward to seeing everyone and telling the same lies they were telling years ago."

With more than two dozen people already signed on, Applefeld plans to get a new group on the air every half-hour or so. "It's going to be three hours of fun, loosely formatted. We're going to let it flow ... anything can happen."

Among the personalities who have committed to showing up are Paul Rogers, Jack Gayle, Mike March, Fred Neil, Johnny Walker, Dick Ireland, Niles Seaburg, Walt Teas, Wayne Gruehn, Ted Patterson, Jim Morton, Royal Parker, Alan Berrier, Lou Roberts, Alan Field, Larry Monroe, Dave Humphrey, Jack Edwards and Frank Luber.

Kirby Scott, a key figure from Baltimore's rock and roll past, will be on-hand by telephone.

On the `Witch' watch

"The Blair Witch Project," a movie about some documentary filmmakers out to make a film about a Western Maryland witch, isn't scheduled to hit theaters until later this month, but it's already being hailed as the must-see scare of the summer.

At 10 p.m. Monday, cable's Sci-Fi Channel offers the chance to get freaked-out a little early. "Curse of the Blair Witch" offers some of the back story behind the movie, details about the legend of the ghost that has spent nearly two centuries haunting the town of Burkittsville.

Included are details of the grisly murders at Coffin Rock in 1886 and the Rustin Parr child massacre in 1941.

A bit of advice to keep in mind while watching both the TV special or the theatrical film: It's only a movie.

Pan African films

The third annual Pan African Film Festival, highlighting films from Africa (or made by filmmakers of African descent) begins tonight and runs through July and August on the BET Movies/Starz! cable channel. Actor CCH Pounder will serve as host for the eight-film festival.

The kick-off film, "Dancehall Queen," hails from Jamaica and tells the story of Marcia (Audrey Reid), a single mother working as a street vendor who is victimized by two men, one a hoodlum, the other a "friend" who agrees to lend the woman money in return for sex with her teen-age daughter. Fortunately, Marcia comes up with a plan to gain some revenge.

Other films in the series will include "Faraw! Mother of the Dunes" (Mali, July 14), "TGV" (Senegal, July 21), "The Eleventh Commandment" (France, July 28), "Identity Pieces" (Congo, Aug. 4), "Speak Like a Child" (U.K., Aug. 11), "Whirlwind" (Burkina Faso, Aug. 18) and "Bitter Sugar" (Guadeloupe, Aug. 25).

The films all begin at 8 p.m.

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