How to protect your financial health when moving from job to job

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IF YOU CHANGE jobs frequently, you're not alone. "Once upon a time," says Financial Perspectives, "a good employee was the loyal worker who `stayed put' for 20 to 30 years -- but today the average worker changes employers every five years."

The newsletter suggests for job-hoppers: "Plan carefully for retirement; cover `gaps' between jobs; don't incur taxes and penalties by `cashing out' of your retirement funds; watch your health coverage; and pay attention to fringe benefits."

These companies are included under "Attractive Acquisition Targets" in S&P Outlook: Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Data General Corp., Comcast Corp., Polaroid Corp., Schering-Plough Corp., SmithKline Beecham, St. Paul Cos. and Wilmington Trust Corp.

The New Yorker, July 5, has a fascinating article by John Cassidy, "Time Bomb: What Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know About Last Year's Hedge Fund Disaster."

WALL ST. WATCH: "If the market suffers big losses -- and doesn't quickly regain them -- a severe recession and the greatest flood of financial disasters since World War II will result." (Levy Institute Forecast)

"Individuals now substitute margin debt for credit cards. The more investors borrow against stocks shows there's more greed than fear in the market. Result: a huge, explosive downside move when it happens." (Liquidity Trim Tabs)

"There's no doubt that the `sweet spot' in the stock market remains the mid-capitalization area." (Blue Chip Growth Letter)

"So far this year, Americans owning Asian mutual funds have done spectacularly. Asia funds, excluding those focused on Japan, were up 40.6 percent on average. The typical Japanese fund is up 38.2 percent." (Barron's)

"We felt we'd see a summer rally up to 11,500 on the Dow, so we're more than halfway home." (Philip Orlando, chief investment officer, Value Line)

Pub Date: 7/07/99

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