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July 05, 1999|By Janis Campbell

Happy birthday, Game Boy. How is the most popular hand-held video game on the planet celebrating its 10th birthday? With lots of little monster friends. Nintendo, the company that makes Game Boy, has sold more than 65 million hand-held video games worldwide since the toy was introduced back in 1989. At first the games were geared to high school and college kids, but now the games are coming down in age.

There's no sign of its popularity slowing down, thanks to the company's latest hit game: "Pokemon." It's the hottest-selling Game Boy game ever. What else keeps Game Boy hot? New stuff! In November, Nintendo launched a new, improved Game Boy -- Game Boy Color -- so fans can play games in color. Game Boy Color offers the hand-held toy in four cool, new colors. Look for Berry, Kiwi, Dandelion and Teal.

"Super Smash Bros.," a Nintendo 64 game, recently hit stores. The game features stars from all the popular Nintendo games, including Pikachu from "Pokemon." "Pokemon Pinball" came out in June for Game Boy, or if you've got a Nintendo 64 system, look for "Pokemon Snap."

Other games to try:

J For the youngest Game Boy players, check out "Elmo's 123s" (from NewKidCo).

J "Game & Watch: Gallery 2" (Nintendo) is another round of games and adventures inspired by the 1980s arcade games your parents probably played.

J "Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3" (Nintendo) might drive you looney as you try to solve the tricky puzzles.

Pub Date: 07/05/99

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