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July 05, 1999|By James Coates | James Coates,Chicago Tribune

I have an HP 4100C Scanjet scanner. When I scan and print, the system works perfectly. But when I scan and download to Paint or Wordpad, the material is greatly enlarged. There is a way to change the size of each scanned piece, but how can I easily reproduce material in its original size?

The easiest way to shrink those huge images that scanners make by default is to load those large files into that Paint program in Windows and shrink them.

Scan a picture and then use the File/Open command in Paint to load it. Then use the command marked Image at the top of the screen and pick Stretch/Skew. The box that pops up lets you reduce, enlarge or distort pictures by changing the vertical and horizontal measurements of each image.

Try setting both horizontal and vertical at 20 percent of the original and run a test print.

I can't get my computer to record sound through a microphone. All the other sound features work great, and these microphones work on my other machine. I can hear myself through my speakers and have recording volume control.

Sounds like a gremlin set the microphone control panel on your PC to mute. Look for a little yellow icon on the taskbar that will call up the sound controls. The one marked Microphone might have a box marked "mute" checked. Click the box to uncheck it.

If the icon isn't there, click on Start/Settings/Control Panel and look for the icon marked Multimedia. Click that and you'll find a box to "Show volume control on taskbar." Click the check box there and close the box. You now have the yellow speaker icon to click. Follow the advice above.

I have a Compaq Presario 4660 with Windows 95. Sometimes when I start my computer I get this message: "C:WindowsSystemVmm32.vxd: Missing -- unable to load." Underneath it says "Press any key to continue."

I hit a key and the computer shuts down. I turn it off for about 10 seconds, then turn it on. I get a Windows 95 Start menu and choices to start Windows.

There are two choices and neither will please you, I fear.

Something went wrong with vmm32.vxd, which is one among the dozens of small support files used by the Windows operating system. The best way to clean things up is to reinstall Windows 95 from the CD-ROM, assuming that you still have it.

If you don't have the CD, I suggest that you leave the machine on all the time, thus reducing the times when you need to reboot.

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Pub Date: 07/05/99

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