Selfish players on displayI agree completely with Jeff...


July 04, 1999

Selfish players on display

I agree completely with Jeff Mariner, who wrote about selfish baseball players in a letter to The Sun on June 20.

After a recent Orioles-Angels game, my son and I went to the players' parking lot in the hopes of getting an autograph. There were less than 20 youngsters waiting there, so we thought our chances would be good.

One after another, the players walked to their cars and sped off, while the kids screamed out their names. Not one child got an autograph from a starting player, and no one even waved to acknowledge the presence of the young fans.

I wonder how the public relations department of the Orioles would explain this kind of behavior of the players. I would like to know so that I can explain it to my disappointed son.

Carl Fischer, Mount Airy

Belle provides comic relief

The Orioles have resumed their long-standing tradition of mediocrity this season, forcing me to search for other amusements. Ironically, it is the team's newest slugger, Albert Belle, who has provided the most entertainment this summer.

Belle is a comedian of the highest caliber, an inadvertent fool who takes himself quite seriously. He walks in the footsteps of men like Dan Quayle, who, despite the most honest and sincere of intentions, cannot help but make us laugh.

He is truly a renaissance man: an athlete, a poet, a teacher and now a journalist. One wonders what is next for Belle. I can only hope he chooses politics. This world needs some comic relief.

Jake Kramer, Ithaca, N.Y.

Orioles' relief insanity

One of the best definitions of insanity I've come across is when one does the same thing over and over again and expects different results.

Putting in the Orioles' relief pitchers and expecting to win a game seems to fit that definition.

Ken Gelbard, Towson

What's wrong with day game?

In a letter from June 13, the writer complained that the Ravens were playing a day game on Sept. 3. I've never heard anyone complain about the Orioles playing Opening Day during work or school hours.

People take a day off and have their kids out of school for a meaningless Orioles game, so why can't they do the same for a Ravens preseason football game?

Darlene Maybin, Baltimore

Don't blame UMBC

I would like to respond to the unjustified bashing that UMBC has received from the local A-League soccer team. It is unfortunate that things are not going as planned for the Maryland Mania, and we encourage everyone to support their local team.

We understand that the Mania really needs more fan support and that the organization has become very frustrated. In its frustration, the organization wants to place the blame on UMBC's facilities and the lack of soccer interest in the area. But these are just mere excuses that have no basis in fact.

UMBC has a beautiful grass stadium as well as a lighted, artificial turf playing field, and has been host to many successful soccer events. Please don't misinterpret this response: UMBC encourages fan support for the Mania, but let's be honest and not blame UMBC for the Mania's misfortunes.

Denise Schilte, Catonsville

The writer is women's soccer coach at UMBC.

Pub Date: 7/04/99

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