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July 04, 1999

Confederate Prisoners at Fort M'Henry

The number of Confederate prisoners brought to this city during the week was 6,411, including about 400 officers of different ranks. A large number of them were placed temporarily in Fort McHenry, and subsequently sent to Fort Delaware and other places.

Among the prisoners brought to the fort on Thursday was W. Carvel Hall, formerly of this city, Major and Assistant Adjutant General on Major Gen. Trimble's staff, who together with Charles E. Grogan, aid-de-camp to Gen. Trimble, and Trimble himself, were captured near Gettysburg. Gen. Trimble was severely wounded, and has had his left leg amputated below the knee. He will also probably be brought to this place. He is now at the farm house of Mr. Daniel Wuster, near Gettysburg. He and his staff signed paroles, one of which, that of Major Hall, has been revoked by Major Gen. Schenck.

It is stated by some of the prisoners that the 1st Maryland (Confederate) infantry battalion -- composed principally of Baltimoreans -- suffered very severely in the late battles. The battalion went into battle with 500 men, and returned with 100 left. Lieut Col. James R. Herbert was mortally and Major Goldsborough slightly wounded, and Capt. W. H. Murray and Robert H. Cushing were killed. Capt. Emack, of Co. B, was badly wounded, and is perhaps a prisoner. Lieut. J.B. Wright, of this city, adjutant 23d N.C., was killed, also W.T. Magruder, of General Davis's staff.

The following, according to the statement of several of the prisoners, is a list of Marylanders (Confederates) known to have been captured:

John Hayes, Baltimore; Jas. Castle, Frederick; E. G. Straub, S. H. Stuart, W. H. Lemon, R. M. Barnes, H. Wooster, Patrick Holbrook, John Holbrook and Stewart Latrobe of Baltimore.

First Maryland Cavalry, Co. B.--Sergeant W. A. Wilson, Prince George's county; Sergeant W.H. Guyther, St. Mary's; Alexander Baer, Baltimore; Hy. Crawford, Delaware; Wm. T. Cooper, Delaware; J. R. H. Deakins, Prince George's county; A. M. Dyu, Charles; Thos. Tenole. Prince George's; J. C. Hamilton, Talbot; J.F. Hucorn, Kent Island; W. McLeod, Georgetown; T.H. Perrie, Prince George's county; James Price, Talbot; E. Sternly, Prince George's; A. C. Zoleson, do.; C.E. Zoleson, Kent Island; J.H. Thomas, Prince George's county; J.N. Waring, Kent Island; E. Waring, St. Mary's county; L. O. Wissman, Prince George's; T. K. Naylor. do.; N. Bouldin, Charles.

First Maryland Cavalry, Co. D. --Thomas Corcoran, Baltimore county; Thos. P. Brashear, Petersville; E. L. Jones, A. Fearhake, Wm. H. Pope, Frederick city; Jas. Greasy, J. L. Sickle, Thomas H. Stevenson, Dawson Stevenson, Abraham Grabill, Hall H. Bromwell, W.S. Shultz, Jas. Carter, Thomas S. Davis, Cornelius Grimes, Frederick county; Charles H. Raitt, Harford county; Wm. F. Dade, N. S. S. Hoyle, Montgomery county; Harvey Ewing, Cecil county; R. Placide, Albert Simmonds, Edwin Selvage, Charles Clark, Baltimore city.

Among the prisoners brought to Fort McHenry were the following officers:

General Jones, Virginia; Col. H. A. Harrington, 18th Virginia; Lieutenant Colonel W.H. Luse, 18th Mississippi; Lieut. Colonel J. E. Graves 47th North Carolina; Lieutenant Colonel W. G. Morris, 37th North Carolina; Major J. C. Trinbotake, 53d Virginia; Major W. J. Richardson, 9th Virginia; Adjutant J. D. Daniel, 22d Virginia; Adjutant R. Ferguson, 18th Virginia; Adjutant W.F. Coulter, 53d Virginia; Lieutenant John Hussons, A.D.C. to General Lewis; Lieut. A. R. Woodruff, Amherst artillery; Lieutenant T. M. Lucas, 6th Louisiana; Captain I. A. Reed, Quartermaster, 6th Louisiana; Lieutenant B.W. Winter, 53d North Carolina; Lieutenant R.B. Carr, 43d North Carolina. Lieut. Colonel S.T. Hansberber 15th Georgia; Lieutenant S. Franklin, 15th Georgia. Lieutenant Brannan, 1st Tennessee; Captain M. Surat, 2d Mississippi; Lieutenant William Walthems 53d North Carolina; lieutenant W.T. Hudson, 2d North Carolina battery; Lieutenant W. C. Walthems, 38th Georgia; Lieutenant T. H. Gilbert, 57th North Carolina; lieutenant W.R. Avant, 61st Georgia; Lieut. A. P. Moore, company H, 61st Georgia; Lieutenant John Braxton, 28th Georgia; Lieutenant R.W. McIntire, 59th North Caronina; Lieutenant Robertson, 23d Virginia; Lieutenant Wm. Propst, 57th North Carolina; Col. John A. Fite, 7th Tennessee; Colonel George, 1st Tennessee, Archer's brigade; Lieut. L. E. Harvie, Robertson's staff; Colonel T. S. Kenan, 3d North Carolina; Captain J. G. Keenan, 43d North Carolina; lieutenant M. S. Efland, 43d North Carolina; Captain Wm. Sharp, 59th North Carolina; Colonel J.W. Green, North Carolina; Major J.A. Mitchell, South Carolina; W.T. Magruder, of Baltimore, adjutant of General Davis; Lieutenant C. Pritchard, company G, 53d North Carolina; Captain G. G. Westcalt, Cortier's artillery battery; Captain John White, Cahawba, Ala. ...

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