Catalog heaven for movie lovers

A tip from ... Ann Hornaday

July 04, 1999|By Ann Hornaday

The next best thing to wandering around Video Americain is leafing through the "Facets Movie Lovers Video Guide," a 116-page catalog of classic and hard-to-find movies on videotape that the cinephiles at Facets Multimedia Inc. have categorized into smart, easy-to-use lists.

From "35 Directors to Watch," a videography of film's most promising emerging filmmakers from around the world, to "100 Films That Fell Through the Cracks" ("Apartment Zero," "Bottle Rocket," "Smoke Signals," "To Sleep With Anger"), the "Movie Lovers Video Guide" provides readers with astute critical assessments and information on how to purchase the videos.

What's more, you can join Facets Video Rent-by-Mail program by becoming a member of Cinematheque for $35 a year. To order the guide or join Cinematheque, call 800-331-6197.

Pub Date: 07/04/99

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