Right coupon needed to alter payment plan

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July 04, 1999

Baltimore County homeowners who switched their property tax payment from an annual to semiannual basis in May are being reminded by county officials to send the correct payment coupon to their mortgage company to ensure the switch was made and that the proper amount of tax is paid.

Joel Schlanger, deputy director for finance in the county Office of Budget and Finance, said he is concerned that some homeowners will send the wrong coupon, creating a potential problem.

"What they will get from us is an annual bill and a semiannual bill," he said. "Whatever one they send back [to their lender] is the one we will know they elect. I'm just concerned people will send the wrong one."

While his office plans to review tax payments and look for mistakes, with more than 260,000 taxpayers in the county, some mistakes may be inevitable.

"If they send the annual bill and [the lender pays] half of the amount it will look like a shortage and they may get a delinquent notice," Schlanger said.

Pub Date: 7/04/99

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