The Battle Of Gettysburg.

Highly Interesting Details Of The Fight On Thursday.

Gettysburg : A Remembrance

July 01, 1999


Hostilities Commence.

In twenty minutes after the heavy fight was over on our left, the last vestige of daylight was gone, and the moon was so much enveloped in clouds that it was scarcely possible to see it at all. Just in this impenetrable darkness the fire of pickets began across on our right, and in a little while swelled into a heavy, continuous fire.

This was at the post where the Twelfth corps had been placed early in the day, but when the battle became doubtful on our left, all the Twelfth corps but one brigade had been sent over there. The brigade, thus left was the Third, of Gen. Geary's division, made up of five New York regiments - the Sixtieth, Seventy-Eighth, One Hundred and Second, One Hundred and Thirty-seventh, and One Hundred and Forty-ninth, and was commanded by Brigadier General George S. Greene.

Though the force was so slight, the command was in worthy hands, and thus our brigade was enabled to hold a line which had previously been occupied by a corps. General Wadsworth sent down a few men from the first corps, and Col. David Ireland, of the One-Hundred and Thirty-seventh New York, gathered together some loose men on the road and compelled them to take their places behind the field works against Gen. Greene's position.

The enemy advanced in two lines. Our men held their places well, and repulsed at this point four charges, when the enemy gave up all further efforts. Though I recount Gen'l Greene's victory thus briefly, the fire on his front was continuous for thirty minutes.

Maryland Troops in Gettysburg Battle.

The First Regiment Maryland Home Brigade, Col. Wm. P. Maulsby, of Frederick, is said to have distinguished itself in the Gettysburg battle. They were in the centre of the line of battle in General Lockwood's division, Twelfth Army Corps, and had a severe hand-to-hand fight with the First Maryland (Confederate) Regiment, under Col. E. R. Dorsey, formerly of Baltimore. The latter lost heavily. The loss of Col. Maulsby's regiment was 118, including 18 killed, 74 wounded, and 16 missing. ...

The Frederick Examiner gives the sub-joined as a correct list of the casualties in the First Maryland Potomac Home Brigade (Col. Maulsby) in the battle of Gettysburg:

Company B -- Wounded, Capt. Joseph Groff, slightly; privates John Stockman, William Rinehart, Wm. Moffett and H. Ricketts -- 5. Killed, Private A. Hasson -- 1.

Company C -- (Capt. Faithful), -- Killed, 1st Lieut. James T. Smith; privates Henry Miller and Thomas Vance -- 3 Wounded. 21 Lieut. Wain; Orderly Sergt. Samuel Battie, Sergeants Jackson and Sthall; Corporal C. Smith; privates E. Turner, J. Lyle, R. Jamison, George Strong and Wm. Strong -- 10.

Company D -- (Capt. Bangher) - Killed, 1st Lieut. John L. Willman; private Stephen Ford -- 2. Wounded, Sergeants Rezin Bellis and Louis E. Shriner; Corporals Leander Kuhn and Lloyd Harper; privates John. T. Rippen, mortally, Samuel Ray, Daniel Wilhide, Daniel Kreps, Lloyd M. Lorentz, Wm. H. Booth, Columbus Barger and Francis Baxter -- 12.

Company G -- (Capt. Yellott) -- Killed, privates Peter L. Miller, Urah Fieagle, Silas Frizzell and David Krebs -- 4. Wounded, 1st Lieut. Francis Hardesty, shot through legs; 2d Sergt. C. D. Lowe, 5th Sergeant Richard Pierce; Corporals Samuel J. Breighner, Jas. O. Wetherall and Wm.T. Billingslea; privates Jacob Shew, Peter Miller and S. Mathias, slightly --- 9.

Company I -- (Captain Walter Saunders) -- Killed, 1st Lieut. Charles E.. Eader; privates David L. Carnes and Joseph Bayliss -- 3. Wounded, Sergeant E. G. Abbott, slight in leg; Corporal Wm. H. Rohrer, slightly in the breast; Privates George Bat, slightly in both legs; Wm.H Barck, slightly in neck, and E. R. Wachter, in, face, by piece of shell, not dangerous -- 5.

Total --13 killed and 42 wounded.

A Baltimorean Killed

Edward N. Sommerkamp, a native of Baltimore, but a sergeant in the 29th Pennsylvania Regiment, was killed at the battle of Gettysburg.


The following is a list of killed and wounded at the battle of Gettysburg, in the First Eastern Shore Regiment of Maryland Vols.:

Co. B, killed, Wm. B. Jones, E. Prichett; wounded, Francis E. Andrew, Joseph Haymen.

Co. C, killed, S. Arnold; wounded Joseph Woolford. Wm. Hill; missing, Elijah Hobbs.

Co. D, wounded, Wm. Cartee.

Co. E, killed, Wm. H. Eaton; wounded, Wm. E. Perry; missing, Alfred Townsend, Joshua Townsend.

Co. F, wounded, John Ayres, Jno. D. Moore; missing, Samuel J. Cooper, George Morgan.

Co. G, wounded. Sam'l J. Wright, John F. Jester.

Co. H, wounded, Wm. R. Chaplin, Wm. H. Price, C.H. Jester, Jas. E. Price, Andrew Satterfield, Corp. James H. Gossage, Wm. Hull, Robert Giles, James H. Scott.

Co. I, wounded, Corp. W. W. Adams, Samuel Nucum.

Co. K, killed Anthony Sterling; wounded, Hy. C. Long.

Annapolis Confederate Soldiers.

The Annapolis (Md.) Republican says the following letter has been received in that city:

Gettysburg, Pa., July 5th, 1863.

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