Thinking before reading

Reading Workshop

June 30, 1999

Today's story selection, "The Girl, the Fish and the Crown" helps children understand the importance of making predictions and thinking critically when they read or listen. The episodes in this story are easy to identify. Before you read the story, explain to your child that good listeners and readers think a lot about the story before they begin to read. This helps them understand the story better and anticipate what might happen. In this way, they are really listening to what the author has to say to us. First, read the Editor's Note at the top of the page, and then ask:

* What do you think is going to happen?

* Why do you think this is going to happen?

Next say, "Let's see if you are right by reading the story." At various points, stop and discuss what is happening. At the end, let your child draw a picture of each creature the girl becomes, and ask your child to tell you why she chooses to become each creature at that point in the story.

Pub Date: 06/30/99

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