Rice dishes: Don't kiss these off


June 30, 1999|By Joanne E. Morvay

* Item: Uncle Ben's Rice Bowls

* Cost: About $3.25

* What you get: 1 bowl serving

* Preparation time: 7 to 8 minutes microwave, 45 to 55 minutes conventional oven

* Review: Uncle Ben's TV commercials for these new frozen rice entrees show actors in the throes of passion over the 10 varieties available -- a sort of mini soap opera built around rice. While I wouldn't go to such lengths, I will say the dishes we tried offered good, authentic flavor. The Spicy Beef & Broccoli offered a nice blend of the main ingredients along with fluffy white rice. The Chicken Bombay was a hearty portion with tandoori sauce and ample chicken and vegetables. And the Southwest Style Black Beans and Vegetable was vegetarian fare at its finest. To top it off, most of the entrees are 98 percent fat free.

Pub Date: 06/30/99

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