Back up, don't delete, cab files for Windows 98

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June 28, 1999|By James Coates | James Coates,Chicago Tribune

My Compaq Presario came with Windows 98 installed. In the folder C:




content there is about 20 megabytes worth of files that look like advertising. There are also ".cab" files that look like system files, but I can open them with Winzip. In the cab files are "dlls" and "inf" files. Is it safe to delete these files?

Warning! Those cab files are the copy of Windows 98 that you bought along with that computer.

When you install hardware and software in the future, Windows might need to retrieve one of those dll or inf files. Instead of deleting them, you should back up that whole folder on a stack of floppy disks in case you ever need to restore the operating system.

I'm running Windows 98 and often use its built-in calculator. To access it, I either navigate through the start menu or "click down" to a shortcut on my desktop. It would be much easier to access if there was a shortcut in the task bar along the bottom of my screen.

You can place icons for just about any program by dragging an icon to the task bar and letting go. The best approach is to make a shortcut for the program and move it to the desktop, then drag it onto the task bar.

For a calculator, click on Start and then Programs and Accessories. The next menu will include calculator, which you should click while holding down the right mouse key. The box that pops up includes the choice to make a shortcut. Choose that and then drag the shortcut onto the desktop by holding down the left mouse button.

After you drop the shortcut onto the task bar, you will see the little calculator icon in the task bar and can move the shortcut icon into the recycle bin.

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