Eckman deserves Hall nodThere was a glaring omission to...


June 27, 1999

Eckman deserves Hall nod

There was a glaring omission to the list of candidates for the Basketball Hall of Fame. The missing person is Charley Eckman, who was truly unique and whose feats in basketball were legendary and can never be duplicated.

Many of your readers will remember Charley as a sportscaster on WCBM and WFBR. Some realize that Charley was the Babe Ruth of basketball referees, rated first or second in college and the pro ranks in the 1950s. He is the only person who ever refereed and coached in the NBA. He won two NBA divisional championships and tied for a third.

Charley was a major contributor to basketball. He was also the funniest man in sports.

I would hope that The Sun sports section will get behind an effort to get Charley nominated to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Fred Neil, Ellicott City

Women's players are big draw

The recent debate as to whether women tennis players should be paid as much as their male counterparts has centered on the need for men to win best-of-five-set matches, while women are only required to win best-of-three.

The argument is, since men are required to play more sets and more strokes, they should be entitled to a greater reimbursement for their efforts. What brilliant logic. Perhaps there should be universal adherence to this principle.

In such a case, golfers who require more strokes to complete a round should be entitled to a greater purse than those who finish with fewer strokes. Or perhaps track and field runners who take a greater time to negotiate a given distance should be paid more than those who finish in lesser time.

Women's tennis players, as pointed out by John McEnroe, are the main draw at tournaments where both men and women are playing. They should be paid accordingly.

Nelson Marans Silver Spring State of the Ravens is sad

Why, after all of the luxury donations that have been given to Art Modell, should the football fans of Maryland have to put up with a second-class franchise?

It is very sad to see the very impressive efforts of the Ravens' new coach, Brian Billick, being threatened by the shortage of salary finances to staff the team he needs to satisfy a sold-out stadium of fans.

Perhaps it would be beneficial if Mr. Modell would offer a controlling share of the team to Peter Angelos. At least the salaries would then be sufficient to attract the quality of players we need to be an NFL competitor.

Walter Boyd, Lutherville

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