"My favorite book is 'Never Kiss an Alligator!' by Colleen...


June 27, 1999

"My favorite book is 'Never Kiss an Alligator!' by Colleen Stanley Bare. This is a very exciting book. I learned crocodiles and alligators are different. Now I know alligators lose their teeth every 50 years. Finally, I learned alligators can run as fast as you."

-- Ryan Andersen

Joppa View Elementary

"I enjoyed the book 'Fly Went By' by Mike McClintock because it is a rhyming book. I like the book because everyone was running from the people behind them. But the people weren't chasing the person in front of them. Everyone was running from a sheep with a tin can on his foot."

-- Quanche McLeod

Cherry Hill Elementary

"I read 'The Emerald Princess Plays a Trick,' which is the third book of the 'Jewel Kingdom' series by Jahnna N. Malcolm. In this book, I liked when Emily, the Emerald Princess, scares Roxanne, the Ruby Princess. Emily likes playing tricks on her friends, until she finds out that no one thinks her tricks are funny."

-- Rosalee Pipitone

St. John the Evangelist

Pub Date: 06/27/99

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