Check attitude at the doorFROM A flier promoting the...

Scene and Heard in Anne Arundel

June 27, 1999

Check attitude at the door

FROM A flier promoting the Blessing of the Bikes and bike show today at Mount Zion United Methodist Church in Lothian:

"No alcohol or drugs on church property. No attitudes."

-- Andrea F. Siegel

Dressing behind the times

JEFF HOLLAND, minister of propaganda for the Maritime Republic of Eastport, was commenting recently on how he sometimes likes to don a Colonial-style three-point hat and walk around the Annapolis City Dock, dispensing bits of history to curious tourists.

But, he added, "I try not to let it be known that I'm a chronological cross-dresser."

-- Cheryl Tan

An understanding sort

AMESSY diner at Hunan Annapolis in the Festival Mall at Pasadena apologized to the waiter for the stain of grease and sauce left on the white table cloth around the serving platter of twice-cooked pork.

"It's OK," the waiter told her, "You're paying for it."

-- Rosemary Armao

Masters of negotiation

MY HUSBAND, Bud, had resisted all my entreaties to get him to open the hot tub this spring, so I was surprised to find him diligently filling it this week while our granddaughter, Marie, and 11-year-old Sarah Semich, who was visiting her grandmother next door, watched.

"Wow, how did you get him to do it?" I asked the girls.

"I talked real slow and real sweet," Sarah told me instructively.

-- Mary Johnson

Sad season for ducks

THE SEEING-double headline on a news release received this week: "Bob Duckworth reminds homeowners of deadlines for duck blinds."

Translation: Robert P. Duckworth is the clerk of the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, the office that issues licenses for duck blinds to hunters. And plenty of dead ducks are the usual result.

-- Rosemary Armao

Pub Date: 6/27/99

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