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Candid Closet: Architect Fernando Zuniga-Pflucker of Baltimore seeks a put-together look, with a fun edge.

June 24, 1999|By Stephanie Shapiro | Stephanie Shapiro,SUN STAFF

Fernando Zuniga-Pflucker takes the same approach to assembling his daily wardrobe as he does to designing a building. For the architect with Baltimore-based Kann & Associates, jackets, slacks, shirts and ties are building blocks to experiment with, just like bricks, mortar and glass.

"Just being a creative person ... I just take a few extra minutes and think about it. It's what you do when you're designing a project. It's second nature to me," he says.

Zuniga-Pflucker, 41, who lives in Bolton Hill and is primarily "pedestrian," shops where he can walk.

When Kann & Associates celebrates its 25th anniversary with a party at Port Discovery on Saturday, be assured that he will have on something "with a maritime look," something "a little bit special."

What projects are you working on?

Lately, I've been working on a whole variety, including a resort time share in Virginia Beach. It's summery and beachy and relaxed. I don't try to make that influence the way I dress, but every once in a while, I feel like wearing something conservative but with a fun edge to it. For example, I may wear short sleeve shirts with broader patterns, warmer colors, reds and oranges.

Did your youth in Peru have an impact on your way of dressing?

I come from a European background. And I can recall that my grandfather always insisted on what a gentleman should look like. He should always shine his shoes, clean his fingernails and wear a handkerchief in your pocket. I always carry one with me.

You have a penchant for bow ties.

At first, it was more of a practical thing. Before computers and keyboards, long ties got stuck in the parallel bar on drafting tables. Plus, we were drawing with ink and all this messy stuff. Now, the bow tie is one of those things that spices up the week.

What is the overall atmosphere at work?

When I worked in Washington, it was a lot more formal. We wore a suit every day of the week and Friday was truly a casual day. But coming here, I notice it's actually very relaxed. I have to create my own formal day, the one day of the week to wear a suit. Otherwise it would just hang in the closet.

Does summer change your dressing strategy?

It is challenging. You want to keep that office look, which implies wearing a coat or suit of some sort. But it gets pretty warm here, so I have to plan ahead. I think about connecting my tie with my pants, not jacket, because most likely, I won't have the jacket on.

What do you wear on construction sites?

You have your obligatory hard hat. ... And a pair of construction boots and jeans are pretty much obligatory, because of the mud and you always get snagged on things. And then I can always wear a chambray shirt that's more relaxed, but will go with a tie.

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