Hearing postponed on Iager farm development

County zoning panel likely to hear plan in September

June 23, 1999|By Jamal E. Watson | Jamal E. Watson,SUN STAFF

A hearing on one of the largest mixed-use communities proposed in Howard County since the founding of Columbia likely will be postponed until September.

The Zoning Board was scheduled to hold a hearing tonight on Stewart G. Greenebaum's plans to develop the 507-acre Iager farm in Fulton, with 1,168 units of single-family houses, townhouses, condominiums, cottages, apartments and office buildings. But members of the County Council, which also serves as the Zoning Board, decided to postpone the hearing.

Residents in areas near Fulton asked board members to reschedule the hearing because some wanted to attend a General Plan Task Force meeting also scheduled tonight. The task force, appointed by the county executive, will recommend changes in the 1990 General Plan governing issues such as growth.

"We're very pleased that the Zoning Board agrees with our point of view," said Harry Brodie, president of the Greater Beaufort Park Citizens Park Association. "We could not completely represent ourselves with some of our most knowledgeable people not available at the hearing."

Residents initially appealed to Mary C. Lorsung, a Columbia Democrat and Zoning Board chairwoman, who said she had no intentions of postponing the hearing. Lorsung could not be reached yesterday for comment, but other board members said that they support the delay.

"I was sympathetic to the community members who wanted to participate in the hearing as well as the General Plan Task Force," said Allan H. Kittleman, a western county Republican. "This mixed-use project is a major deal for the community."

Greenebaum said he was disappointed by the Zoning Board's decision.

"We planned on making our presentation, and we arranged for our expert witnesses to be there," Greenebaum said. "The community had an extensive amount of time to get ready, but if it's postponed, it's postponed. We'll be ready to present our case as soon as the Zoning Board will allow us."

Kittleman said that if there are any preliminary motions concerning the proposed development, the board likely will hear them July 29. In September, the board is likely to add additional hearing dates.

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