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June 23, 1999

What were you like as a kid?

Jayson Williams, forward, New Jersey Nets: "I used to exaggerate. My dad once met Reggie Jackson on the street. When I went to a New York Yankee game, I told my friends that the tickets came from Reggie."

Kristin Maloney, U.S. gymnast: "Shy. I became outgoing in eighth grade. A friend once told me I was acting weird. But I'm not weird. I'm just friendly!"

Mark Brunell, quarterback, Jacksonville Jaguars: "I was a good kid. I was so busy playing sports, I didn't have time to cause trouble."


The Indians won their division by 30 games -- the largest pennant-winning margin in history. Kenny Lofton led the American League with 54 stolen bases. Albert Belle belted 50 homers. But the Indians were knocked out in the World Series by the pitching punch of the Atlanta Braves.

Tom Glavine won two games for Atlanta. Greg Maddux won one. The Braves took the Series four games to two. The Indians learned a hard lesson: Good pitching usually beats good hitting.

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