Lineboro gets OK on study of treatment plant

Residents seek alternative to failing septic systems


The county commissioners voted yesterday to help Lineboro residents develop a plan to build a wastewater treatment facility, one that would replace the town's failed septic systems.

After a meeting with a Lineboro citizens group, the commissioners agreed to allow county engineers to draw up a cost estimate for a study to explore possible solutions for the town's sewage problems.

But the commissioners stopped short of committing any funds to the study, which could cost $20,000 or more.

They will discuss the matter further once the estimate is finished in about 60 days.

It is also unclear how Lineboro would pay for a wastewater treatment facility, which could cost $1 million or more.

Members of the Lineboro Environmental Wastewater Treatment Association, which was formed in 1996, said yesterday's agreement marked some progress toward a solution.

More than 60 percent of Lineboro's septic systems are failing.

Leif Shock, president of the association, said some of the town's 67 homeowners have contaminated wells and are forced to drink bottled water.

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