Police say man killed his wife, hanged himself

He had filed complaint, saying she beat him

June 22, 1999|By Devon Spurgeon | Devon Spurgeon,SUN STAFF

Four days after a church deacon and his wife were found dead in their Pioneer City townhouse, police sources say an investigation shows he strangled her, then hanged himself with a belt.

The bodies of David Alonzo Tyler, 45, and Reather Hulane Tyler, 44, were found Thursday by police in the upstairs bedroom. Reather Tyler was wearing her hospital uniform and lying on the floor. Her husband was hanging from a bedpost.

Police went to the home in the 8200 block of Deerfield Circle after workers at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda reported that Reather Tyler had not been at work since Monday.

David Tyler filed a criminal complaint against his wife on May 24 after fighting with her over the television remote control, according to the complaint filed with Anne Arundel County police.

He said in the complaint that his wife had "punched and beat" him numerous times in the past six months and "forced me to have sex with her against my will at first, then I gave in."

Reather Tyler was charged with five counts of second-degree assault stemming from the complaint.

In his affidavit, David Tyler says his wife punched, slapped or beat him on six occasions. On Aug. 28, in another remote-control incident, David Tyler alleged that when he took the remote control away from his wife to turn the television volume down, she punched him in the face and back.

On Nov. 1, he said, his wife started "swinging on me with her fist" because he turned the television off. He also alleged that he "got beaten on in the bathroom" because he used the toilet while his wife was in the shower.

David Tyler was delinquent in child support payments to another woman, and appeared in Circuit Court on June 3 to negotiate a payment plan for the $9,063.95 he owes.

He had four daughters with the other woman. That family lives a few blocks from his townhouse.

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