Turnout is disappointing for child support amnesty

50 try to negotiate plans, 200 fewer than last year


The Anne Arundel County child support amnesty program ended last week with 50 people coming forward to negotiate payment plans.

"It is a bit of a disappointment," said Wendy Weeks, the assistant state's attorney who is spearheading the program. She said she did not know why the program had not attracted more people.

This year's program began June 1 and ended Friday. Parents behind in payments could negotiate manageable payment plans without threat of jail or penalties.

The 50 people who came forward negotiated payment plans for $7,000 in child support.

Weeks said that during last year's amnesty, 250 people paid $25,000 in child support.

The sheriff's office has served 16 child support warrants since the amnesty ended Friday.

The county collects $2 million a year in child support and has about 400 warrants outstanding for failure to appear in court for nonpayment of support. The domestic relations division of the county is collecting on 15,000 cases.

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