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June 21, 1999|By James Coates | James Coates,Chicago Tribune

I have been considering switching from Eudora to Netscape Messenger as my e-mail client. How do I tell Windows 95 that I want to use Netscape instead of Eudora?

To change from one e-mail program to another you must transfer some slightly complex settings called popmail and smtp from one program to the other.

It's best to get these settings from your Internet service provider and then type them into Netscape.

The settings look like this:



Click on Edit in Netscape and then choose Preferences, then Mail and then Mail Server in the selection panels that come up. You will find boxes into which you will type the popmail and smtp addresses. After that, you simply open the Netscape Messenger program to check e-mail.

I clicked on something called "degauss" on my monitor. It was like someone kicked my computer. Did it do any damage?

Degauss devices are built into monitors to prevent the chemical particles on the other side of the screen from becoming magnetized and thus incapable of displaying the proper dots (pixels) needed to draw images on the screen.

When activated, the devices briefly create a strong magnetic field to realign the positive and negative charges on the screen as they should be.

The only way you could do any damage would be to hold a floppy disk or some other magnetic storage cartridge against the screen when you pull the degauss trigger.

Is there a way to exchange desktop locations of individual shortcut icons in Windows 98? I know you can drag an icon to a new location, but instead of exchanging places with the icon occupying the desired position, doing so usually displaces one or more icons, making it impossible to place each icon exactly where you want it.

You need to disable the Auto Arrange setting for your Windows desktop icons.

Right-click on the desktop and pick Arrange Icons and you'll find a check beside a choice marked Auto Arrange in the next box.

Click that check mark off and you can move items at will. Once you get things just so, restore the Auto Arrange and your settings will stay until you repeat the process.

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