No sympathy for D.C. I'm writing in response to...


June 20, 1999

No sympathy for D.C.

I'm writing in response to William Casano's letter in last Sunday's editions of The Sun.

Mr. Casano complains that Peter Angelos wants to keep baseball out of the Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia area, and he says he is not alone in his feelings of not supporting the Orioles for that reason.

My response -- and I know I'm not alone -- is this: tough.

Nobody in the D.C. or Northern Virginia area opened their mouths when, for 13 years, the late Jack Kent Cooke did everything in his power to keep the NFL out of Baltimore.

Now they want the people of Baltimore to feel sorry for them?

Well, Washington-area fans, you had two teams and lost them both, so stop trying to make Orioles fans, the best fans in baseball, feel sorry for you because you can't support your own team.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Angelos.

Rick McDonald, Baltimore

Truth is, attendance is down

Please, Peter Angelos, don't insult me with a full page "Whole Truth " advertisement on Orioles attendance.

I've been to three games sitting behind home plate (in view of the entire stadium). I break out in laughter when "Guess the Attendance" goes on the JumboTron with numbers 10,000-15,000 above the actual numbers in the stands.

Tickets sales may be up, but actual attendance is down. If you can fit in the "No Scalp Zone," $5 will get you the best seat in the house. I'm sure your concessionaires must know the reality.

I'll be there to support you, Mr. Angelos, but keep the "truth" to yourself. Just because I am a baseball fan -- and not a corporate client -- doesn't mean I'm stupid.

Alex P. Gross, Owings Mills

Take aim at Angelos

In the wake of Albert Belle's latest expletive-filled tirade, it will be interesting to see if Orioles owner Peter Angelos is bold enough to take action against this jerk, or if he will just allow Belle's actions to further tarnish the image of the once-proud Orioles.

Living away from my hometown of Baltimore, I have relied on The Sun for years (now I read the paper every day on the SunSpot Web site) to stay informed about the Orioles. I have always been extremely pleased and impressed with your coverage of the team, but I have noticed during the past couple of years that you seem to tread lightly when it comes to criticism of Angelos.

You have been very hard on Ray Miller (probably not unfairly so), but maybe your focus should be shifted upstairs to the front office. Maybe you are under orders from your front office not to offend this guy, but I hope not. It is time to take aim at the real problem confronting the Orioles, and that is Peter Angelos.

Larry Blucher, Orlando, Fla.

Selfish players a sign of times

I have fond childhood memories of going to Yankee Stadium with my dad, getting there early so we could go get some autographs. We'd stand by the edge of the field and the players, including stars such as Mickey Mantle, would walk over and sign.

On numerous occasions, I've taken my sons to Oriole Park two hours early to get autographs. Yeah, sure! We only got one autograph, from bullpen coach Elrod Hendricks. We didn't see any players signing for anyone.

It's sad that millionaires don't have time for the kids. No wonder my children don't care if we go back to the ballpark.

Jeff Mariner, Towson

Here's why we dig Mussina

Yes, Ken Rosenthal, chicks dig Mike Mussina, and it has nothing to do with the long ball.

We also dig the knuckle curve, the three Gold Gloves, the impossible-to-steal-on delivery, outstanding won-lost percentage and strikeout-to-walk ratio.

We also dig brains, a disarming sense of humor, re-signing for a lot less than you're worth because money isn't everything and, well, I could go on, but you get the point.

By the way, is this the same Rosenthal who just last month had the audacity to suggest that the Orioles consider trading Mussina to jump-start the rebuilding process? Quit inhaling the smoke from Boog's Barbecue!

Doris Chase, Salisbury

Pub Date: 6/20/99

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