Planning money needed to begin a Crofton HighOn June 8, a...


June 20, 1999

Planning money needed to begin a Crofton High

On June 8, a group of Crofton citizens went before the Anne Arundel County school board and Superintendent Carol Parham pleading that they allocate planning money for a West County high school, more specifically a high school in Crofton.

We cannot wait until fiscal year 2005. The temporary Band-Aid to fix the overcrowding at Arundel High School appears now to be a long-term solution by the board.

Redistricting and busing part of the Crofton student body to South River High is not the answer. Everyone who spoke in support of the high school said the same thing and backed it up with facts and figures.

Michael McNelly, vice president of the school board, opened the meeting with a statement that the board was there to listen.

It appeared to be listening intently. I just hope that the members heard us.

I hope, too, that they heard Del. David Boschert asking to put the Crofton High School in the budget. The legislature will fund it. The money is there for us. The state will support it and help finance it. The governor supports education. This is the time to do it.

Mr. Boschert went on to say that Crofton has been designated a Smart Growth area. What better place for a 13th county high school?

State Sen. Robert R. Neall Jr. sent a letter in support of the high school, saying that he will help secure state funds. He went on to say that there is significant growth in Crofton. Arundel High School is already crowded and South River was an interim solution.

Del. Robert C. Baldwin sent a letter to the board that the funds are there. He said that high school planning money should not be deterred until 2005.

Thanks to Mr. Boschert, Mr. Neall, Mr. Baldwin and Del. Janet Greenip for continued support.

So, here we have the legislature, local PTAs, the Small Area Planning Committee, the Greater Crofton Council, the Crofton Civic Association, Crofton businesses, the Arundel/South River Coalition and almost 450 residents who signed petitions in four days, all in support of a West County High School in Crofton.

The ball is in Ms. Parham and the school board's court.

To my neighbors, don't abandon public schools yet. Get involved. Let your voice be heard.

Sharon Puckett, Crofton

The writer is with the Crofton Woods Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association.

Fear and loathing in Sunset Beach

I recently was informed that the community of Sunset Beach had a meeting in May with the protection of a policeman present.

I am appalled that the police department would even honor a request for an officer to sit at a community meeting for protection for four hours. Was there a bomb threat? Was someone's life threatened?

A friend of mine, who doesn't even live in that community, told me that the month prior to this meeting, police were called in to escort a resident from a meeting because the person was out-of-control verbally.

To think that the president of Sunset Beach found it necessary to do that is disgraceful.

With all the crime and concerns surrounding this area, you'd think the police would be doing what we pay them for, not baby-sitting a community meeting.

Helen Lysek, Pasadena

Russia, China not worthy of our support

With Russia's recent actions in Kosovo and Chinese riots against our embassy, the free world's resolution against these two "not ready for full acceptance" countries must remain steadfast.

Russia's entry into Kosovo is just the latest attempt from these two regimes to blatantly prop up the renegade and criminal Serbian regime.

They have been behind-the-scenes supporters of Slobodan Milosevic's ethnic-cleansing campaign, first in Bosnia and now in Kosovo.

The Russian army's presence at the airport gives aid and comfort to the military machine that should be facing war crime tribunals, not sanctuary.

Aid, support and international recognition needs to be parceled out more diligently to both the Russian and Chinese governments until their actions begin to mimic that of responsible nations and not ones that support murderers, thieves and rapists.

Alan McAllister, Severna Park

Tomorrow's hearing should help bury flawed `anti-loitering' bill in Annapolis

At 7 p.m. tomorrow at Annapolis City Hall, the City Council will hold a public hearing on a loitering bill that is similar to legislation in Chicago that the Supreme Court found to be unconstitutional.

This proposal, which its proponents have claimed is an anti-drug loitering bill, is being opposed by the Anne Arundel County chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the United Black Clergy of Anne Arundel County, the Maryland Forum of African-American leaders, the Black Political Forum and Alderman Cynthia A. Carter, to name a few. Why? Because this bill as proposed will not eradicate drug dealing.

Cities, including Baltimore, are scrapping "drug-free zones," because they have not worked.

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