Harold Kohn,85, an attorney who filed some of the earliest...

Deaths Elsewhere

June 18, 1999

Harold Kohn,85, an attorney who filed some of the earliest class action lawsuits accusing corporations of price fixing, died Monday in Philadelphia. In the 1960s, Mr. Kohn became nationally known by winning a key case against General Electric, Westinghouse and two dozen other companies that the federal government had accused of illegal price fixing.

Frank Sordello,62, an engineer who held 44 high-tech patents, including one for a component used in virtually all computer disk drives, died in Los Gatos, Calif., on June 6 of colon cancer. His electronic tachometer proved fundamental to disk drives, where most of the information on personal computers is stored.

Cardinal Basil Hume,76, leader of the Roman Catholic Church of England and Wales and one of the most admired public figures in Britain, died yesterday in London.

Cardinal Hume died just hours after his official spokesman announced that his cancer had reached its final stages. The cardinal had asked for renewed prayers.

David Sutch,58, who brought a chuckle to British politics as leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party with the slogan: "Vote for insanity -- you know it makes sense," was found hanged Wednesday at his northwest London home. His partner, Yvonne Elwood, said that although Mr. Sutch had fought a long battle with depression, he seemed happy in the days before his death.

Jack M. Campbell,82, a Democratic governor of New Mexico for two terms in the 1960s, died Monday in Santa Fe after a long illness. He was governor from 1963 to 1966, enforcing a nonpartisan civil service for state employees and modernizing services for the mentally ill.

Pub Date: 6/18/99

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