23 file to run for 19 seats on council

Mayoral race juggling leaving city vacancies

filing deadline is July 6

June 18, 1999|By Gerard Shields | Gerard Shields,SUN STAFF

Emerging Baltimore mayoral candidates are leaving vacancies on the City Council, promising an active election undercard in which at least 23 candidates will run for 19 council seats.

Clerk of Courts Frank M. Conaway and City Wide Coalition candidate David G. S. Greene remain the only council president candidates who have filed to replace the departing Lawrence A. Bell III, who is running for mayor.

A field of five political newcomers will challenge 1st District incumbents Lois Garey, Nicholas C. D'Adamo Jr. and John L. Cain to represent Southeast Baltimore. Democratic challengers include Charles Krysiak, Kimberly Letke and Carlos Manuel Torres.

Michael P. McNamara will run as a Republican while Lorenzo Gaztanaga will seek to make the November ballot as a Libertarian Party candidate. Gaztanaga will need to acquire 500 voter signatures to run as a Libertarian.

Although none of the East Baltimore council incumbents has filed for re-election, council members Paula Johnson Branch and Bernard C. "Jack" Young are expected to do so. Democrat Patrick McCurdy and Republican Brian D. Jones have filed to join them in the district, where Robert L. Douglass will likely give up his seat.

The city's 3rd District might have two open seats. Councilman Martin O'Malley is expected to run for mayor while Councilwoman Rita R. Church will likely step down, leaving Robert Curran as the sole incumbent in the Northeast district. Kenneth Harris Sr., a former member of the Governor's Task Force on Crime and Prevention, will run for the vacancies with fellow Democrats Charles Martin Fitzpatrick and Andre Holden.

Democrats Eric Easton and Roscoe Herring have joined the field of council candidates in West Baltimore's 4th District. Incumbent Sheila Dixon is expected to run for council president. Her colleague, Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr., also has been mentioned as a possible council president candidate. Councilwoman Agnes B. Welch, the third member of the district, is council vice president and is expected to seek re-election.

All three incumbent councilwomen from Northwest Baltimore's 5th District intend to return. The council dean, Rochelle "Rikki" Spector, joined the council in 1977 and will run in her sixth city election. Council colleagues Helen L. Holton and Stephanie C. Rawlings also will run. The sole challenger to date in the district is Patrick J. Burns, a Democrat.

The 6th District field of candidates hoping to represent Southwest Baltimore includes two Republicans, Joe Tebo Jr. and Anthony F. Forlenza. Incumbents Melvin L. Stukes, Edward L. Reisinger and Norman A. Handy Sr. are expected to seek re-election, with Handy mentioned as a possible council president candidate. Democrat Francis J. Smidt Jr. has also filed to run.

The filing deadline for council races is July 6.

Pub Date: 6/18/99

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