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June 17, 1999

They're to drool for!

The Jones Soda Co. soft drink comes in tantalizing flavors, including Blue Bubble Gum Soda, Pineapple Upside Down Soda, Fufu Berry Soda and Vanilla Cola. Plus, if you're thirsty for recognition, this drink could hit the spot. Bottle labels display photos that consumers have sent in. (The photographer's name even appears in dinky little letters.)

To track down sodas near you, or to get in the running for a photo opportunity, check out www.jones (If you're sending in a photo, you'll need to print and fill out an on-line release form.) Plus, the site offers some silly recipes. We're itching to try one that suggests tossing Warheads candy into a soda and mixing things up ...

Bug benefits The Y2K computer bug could have at least one side benefit for kids -- a longer winter break from school. On Jan. 1, 2000, computers that aren't updated could cause havoc to schools' heating and phone systems. Instead of starting on Jan. 3, schools from Maryland to Arizona are extending breaks by as much as a week. That way, if computer failures shut down stuff, schools can fix it without jeopardizing student safety.

Pub Date: 06/17/99

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