This month's question was: What is your earliest memory?

Voices of Experience

Carroll Seniors

June 16, 1999

Charles Bennett, 77, of Sykesville remembers: "I was age 2 going on 3 when I got the mumps. In our beautiful North Dakota neocolonial home, my mother put me to bed in a room off the kitchen and she gave me a pictorial Bible storybook to look at.

"I `memorized' all the pictures, and to this day I remember them. I still have the book, one of my dearest possessions."

John Strawhorn, 86, of Carroll Lutheran Village recently published his story in a book called "Returning to South Carolina: Growing Up in the Rural South in the Early 20th Century." He recalls: "I have had the blessing of an excellent memory that has retained pictures of events in life at an earlier age than most people seem to recall. I have a vivid memory of lying in a youth bed when Rosa, my mother, came to the bedroom door, looking in. In a quiet, gentle voice, she said, `Oh, I see you are awake.' So my earliest memories go back to the soft, sweet voice and gentle care of my mother."

He also wrote: "We may return to scenes of long ago and remember the course of the old road, the contour of the hills, the tall pines that stood here and there, but it was mortal human beings who were of greatest importance in our lives."

July's question for senior citizens: What was the best advice you ever got?

If you'd like to respond, send a letter to the Carroll Sun Seniors Page, Winchester Exchange, 15 E. Main St., Westminster 21157. Or send e-mail to

You must include your name and a phone number where you can be reached during the day. And please make your responses short so we can give as many seniors as possible a chance to be heard.

For July's question, we'll need your responses no later than July 19. Look for the next Voices of Experience July 21.

We hope to hear from you.

Pub Date: 6/16/99

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