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June 16, 1999

Kids Ask

Which pitcher has won the most Cy Young Awards?

Eric G., 13

Newtown, Pennsylvania

New York Yankee Roger Clemens won his fifth Cy Young Award last season. Two other pitchers have won the award four times.

The Cy Young Award is given each season to the best pitcher in the American League and the best pitcher in the National League.

Roger won the Cy Young with the Boston Red Sox (1986, 1987, 1991) and with the Toronto Blue Jays (1997, 1998).

Motorcycle Madness

Johnny Vroom is racing Lou Streak for the motorcycle youth championship. Johnny is 50 yards ahead of Lou. They have two laps to go in their 10-lap race.

Look out! Johnny loses control and crashes. Lou doesn't want to run over Johnny. Lou lays his bike on its side on purpose and slides to a stop. He stands up and yells, " I win!"

"No, it's a draw," replies Johnny. "We race again."

You are the race official. Is Lou the winner because Johnny crashed? Or do you start the race over again?

ANSWER: Lou has won the race.


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