Intel, Pepsico, Merck lead top 10 club favorites

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June 16, 1999|By Julius Westheimer

WANT TO own stocks held by the greatest number of investment clubs? Ranked by the number of clubs holding the following favorites, here, from Money magazine, are the top 10:

Intel Corp., Pepsico Inc., Merck and Co. Inc., Lucent Technologies Inc., Home Depot Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., AFLAC Corp., Diebold Inc., Motorola Inc. and Clayton Homes Inc.

In response to several requests, here is a definition of a "growth stock" from Better Investing magazine: "A growth stock is a stock in a company that has a five-year record of above-average earnings growth relative to other companies and the overall economy. Growth companies plow most of their earnings back into the company to spur further expansion, rather than pay large dividends to stockholders."

WALL STREET WATCH: "We may get a correction, but not a bear market. Either way, smart investors will build up cash now for bargain hunting when the magic ends." (Michael Sivy in Money magazine)

"I do not expect a summer sell-off to turn into a bear market (25 percent or greater decline overall.) Actually, much of this year's carnage has occurred in overvalued Internet shares." (Prudent Speculator)

Pub Date: 6/16/99

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