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June 15, 1999

Be a 4Kids Detectives

When you know the answers to these questions, go to http://www.4Kids.org/detectives/

1. How many years have the Christmas Bird Counts been counting birds?

2. How many curious kids are traveling the world?

3. How many years do Peace Corps volunteers serve? (Go to http://www.peacecorps.gov/kids/ to find out.)


Thousands of people around the world love bird watching. Just peck in http://bird source.cornell.edu/ and find BirdSource. You get to be a field researcher, reporting the spottings that help ornithologists track and map our feathered friends that are so important to the world's ecology. Where can you whistle with the warblers and find the falcons? BirdSource will show you, with tips for identifying birds by sight and through helpful recordings of bird calls. Who's been nesting in your back yard or neighborhood park? They want to know! Be sure to keep up-to-date, too, on the discoveries, such as which rare birds have shown up in residential areas, and why some chickadees are having beak troubles.


Armchair travel bugs who surf the Web are in for a worldly treat. At Curious Kids, you'll explore exciting nations, cultures and landscapes from around the globe. Journey out to http://www.curiouskids.com/ and find out what's happening in places as far away as Moscow, Rome and Beijing. The site is full of kid contributions, including stunning natural photography from Nepal, some opinions on Europe and a travel diary from Hong Kong. You'll find maps, interviews, adventure journals and a bookshop. And don't forget to check out Caitlin's Link of the Week, taking you to great travel sites from around the Web. Whether you're a city slicker or an outback kid, Curious Kids has a destination for you. It's a small world afterall!

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