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June 14, 1999|By Cathy Collison

Can a single crayon help a kid? Yes! Yak talked to Jerry Kitchel, an aid worker for refugees of the Kosovo war. He told us when he was in Albania, he handed out crayons and paper. "You would have thought I was giving out food or precious jewels," he said.

Helping goes beyond providing food and shelter. A goal for Jerry is giving kids some sense of everyday life. Jerry works for International Aid, which reaches out to people in need and offers a way for school kids in the United States to help others.

You can help by making up small kits of school and art supplies for refugees:

* Take a one-gallon Ziploc bag. Fill it with these new items: a spiral binder (81/2-by-11 inches, 70 pages); 4 pencils; a 6-inch or 12-inch ruler (including metric measure); 2 pens; 4 new crayons; a pencil sharpener; an eraser; and one pair of safety scissors.

* Make all kits complete and uniform (that helps them go through Customs).

Kits can be mailed to: Kids Helping Kids, Volunteer Project Center, 17011 Hickory, Spring Lake, MI 49456. There is no deadline on this project.

Pub Date: 06/14/99

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