Wallpaper overwhelms desk icons

June 14, 1999|By Jim Coates | Jim Coates,Chicago Tribune

The wallpaper on my desktop makes the labels for the icons there difficult to see. How can I change the color of the icon labels so they will stand out?

Right-click with the cursor on the desktop, choose Properties, then choose the tab named Appearances in the next menu. The box that pops up will have a setting for color. Pick a bright red or yellow or such and that will be the color of your labels thereafter.

You mentioned a Web site that was basically a phone directory cross-reference. It allowed you to search by phone number to locate an address and name, or you could use it like a normal phone book.

You want the People Finder service available through many Internet portal sites, such as www.excite.com or www.altavista.com.

A similar service that comes up with the name when you type in a phone number is at www.infospace.com.

For several months we've had trouble signing on to our accounts at Ameritech.net and America Online. Sometimes one works, sometimes both, sometimes neither. The error box will say the modem can't be found, yet after trying several times we do connect.

I restored the computer to the day we opened the box three years ago (it ran Windows 95) but the problem still occurs. A Windows 98 update was no help. When I try reinstalling the Ameritech.net software, I cannot get a connection to sign on in order to continue installing, yet AOL will connect sometimes.

You restored the software to its original state, so the problem has to be your modem. Modems have advanced so much that I'm sure you'll be delighted at their speed and reliability once you invest $100 or so in a 56K V.90-compliant version.

Installing a new modem will let you take advantage of the Windows 98 plug-and-play feature to ensure that the new modem works smoothly with both America Online and the Ameritech dial-up service.

Pub Date: 06/14/99

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