Orioles' ups and downs

June 13, 1999|By Joe Strauss

Double switches -- DOWN -- Interleague ball means lots of late-inning trade-offs. Albert Belle for Arthur Rhodes Wednesday night was enough to set off the A-Bomb. Nothing personal, nothing punitive, but running out ground balls would be nice.

Frank Wren -- DOWN -- Ray Miller's longevity is a testimony to ownership dissatisfaction with its first-year general manager. Intrigue rules.

B. J. Surhoff -- UP -- No one has been more consistent this season. He already owns hitting streaks of 12 and 15 games. Continues to solidify standing as the league's best defensive left fielder.

Harold Baines -- DOWN -- Wind him up and watch him hit. Play in NL parks and watch him sit.

Rocky Coppinger -- EVEN -- While the bullpen grinds, he remains the invisible man.

Player development -- UP -- Finally. After a historic draft, the club appears ready to devote itself to restructuring from within. If true, it represents a seismic shift for an organization more attuned to marketing concerns than creating clubhouse symmetry. Turnover set to begin by July 31.

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