Learning through play


June 13, 1999

With summer approaching, parents might consider buying new educational board games to fill in the downtime between scheduled activities. Here are some tips for selecting games (adapted from University Games' Web site at www.areyougame.com):

* Children want to play right away. Buy games that are easy to learn, so you can start playing within five minutes of opening.

* Children hate to wait. Look for games that keep your child involved, even when it is not his turn.

* Children love a challenge, but they also want to be able to understand what to do. Look for games in which the rules stay the same, but the games are different .

* Children love to win. Seek out games in which luck and skill combine to allow different winners each time.

* When buying educational games, be sure they make learning fun. And read the labels and directions. The Learning How Store places this clever alert on its carryout boxes: "WARNING!! ITEMS ENCLOSED COULD SPARK EXPLOSIVE LEARNING POTENTIAL AND LEAD TO RAPID PERSONAL GROWTH & OVERWHELMING FUN!"

-- Susan Rapp

Village Reading Center

Pub Date: 06/13/99

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