"The 'Animorphs' books by K.A. Applegate are good to read...

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June 13, 1999

"The 'Animorphs' books by K.A. Applegate are good to read. They are interesting and fun. I like reading about these kids. The author is a good writer."

-- Bobby Fingles

Roland Park Elementary

"I like the book 'Bicycle Mystery: The Boxcar Children' by Gertrude Chandler Warner. First, I like the daily adventures that the Alden kids run into before arriving at Aunt Jane's house. Second, as the Aldens travel through each town they take time to help strangers in need. Finally, the Alden children take in a lost dog who in return saves the night. If you enjoy mysteries and want to know how the Alden children spent their summer vacation, you will want to read 'Bicycle Mystery.' "

-- Courtney Seymer

Baltimore Highlands Elementary

" 'Arf! Arf!' If you like dogs then you should check out 'Help! I'm Trapped in Obedience School' by Todd Stasser, who has quite an imagination. The book is about how a boy and his friend's dog switched bodies for an experiment. This book is a good adventure book."

-- J.P. Durio

Oakleigh Elementary

Pub Date: 06/13/99

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