O, the pain

Orioles: Indifference and inattention on the field make the losing more irritating to fans

June 13, 1999

EVEN THE MOST cynical Orioles fan couldn't have imagined a season like this: The most consistent hitter isn't hitting, one of the team's most dependable pitchers is undependable, the Ironman was sidelined. Mix those with all the predicted shortcomings, such as relief pitching, and it's no wonder Baltimore is in baseball's basement.

Losing would be bitter enough in a town that loves its team, but mental lapses and indifferent effort really gnaw at fans.

If this keeps up much longer, the manager should stick a uniform on the whirling-dervish vendor who shakes the lemonade with so much energy and put him in the lineup. He's the only guy who seems to be giving his all at Camden Yards.

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