Roland Park footbridge designs are rejected

June 11, 1999|By Jamie Stiehm | Jamie Stiehm,SUN STAFF

The city's design advisory panel reviewed and rejected yesterday the latest drawings for a proposed set of footbridges linking three Roland Park private schools.

The panel invited Gilman, Bryn Mawr and Roland Park Country schools representatives to return after they incorporate its suggestions into the designs. The panel has approved the concept of the bridges, for which the three schools will pay $1.8 million.

The panel recommended that the bridges -- which will run from Gilman to the other campuses, crossing Roland Avenue and Northern Parkway -- be lighted and have more pronounced railings.

Panel members also encouraged putting a ramp on the bridge spanning Northern Parkway and discouraged identifying the schools on both bridges.

The presented designs showed light-colored concrete as the spans' main material, with stone supports and abutments on the sides. Neither bridge had an arch.

Stephen Lauria, president of the Roland Park Civic League, said the larger community opposes lighting the bridges and supports a greater use of stone to match the neighborhood architecture.

The proposed landscaping, the panel told bridge designer Joseph DiCarlo, was just "a beginning."

Jean Hawley, Bryn Mawr's projects director, said the price tag showed that the schools care about the spans' appearance.

"We don't want them to look like big bridges over highways," she said.

The three schools, which share upper school classes, initiated the project after a student was injured by a car while crossing Northern Parkway.

Pub Date: 6/11/99

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