Northeast High's seniors recognized


June 11, 1999|By Peg Adamarczyk | Peg Adamarczyk,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

THIS WEEK, the senior spotlight shines on the soaring Eagles of Northeast High School's Class of 1999. These outstanding sons and daughters of Pasadena have distinguished themselves in the classroom and in a wide array of extracurricular activities.

State Merit Scholar awards, given to the top 5 percent of the class, were given to: Roger Barr, Jessica Curley, Amal Dave, Dennis Dunkerly, Barbara Fowler, Marie Gestole, Angela Lawhorn, Melanie Mattoon, Benjamin Mucci, Nicole Perry, Siavash Salimian, Tracy Sigman, Malissa Sperling, Danielle Wanner and Stephanie Wood.

State certificate of merit recipients: Samantha Acosta, Tiffany Baillie, Roger Barr, Samuel Bunn, Michelle Carrigan, Kelly Duvall, Marie Gestole, Marthat Kolodziejski, Angela Lawhorn, Melissa Marchiano, Melanie Mattoon, Benjamin Mucci, John Oursler, Michelle Peyatt, Richard Ritter, Melissa Rode, Amanda Shifflett, Melissa Stallings, Charvonne Williams, Amber Wojtanik and Stephanie Wood.

Department awards: Jeff Shepke and Malissa Sperling, art; Jesse Cline and Stacey Smith, Buddy Program; Timothy Barth, Wendy Bolling, Carrie Conrad, Jessica Curley, Keisha Mahoney, Holly Oliver, Cheryl Suska and Sarah Zacharko, business education; Desiree Froat and Marie Gestole, English; Stephanie Wood, foreign language; Samantha Acosta, Amal Dave, Phillip Gerdes, Annabella Lagpao, Kenneth Plumley and Lauren Velten, guidance peer facilitators.

Julie Milliken and Rachel Blair, family and consumer science; Roger Barr, Barbara Fowler and Siavash Salimian, mathematics; Deborah Hanks, Edward Schupbach and Kenneth Plumley, music; Michael Whisman and Cassidy Tivvis, physical education; Marie Gestole, Dennis Dunkerly and Amal Dave, science; Deana Benner, social studies; James Jernigan, technology; and Annabelle Lagpao, yearbook.

Military awards: Dennis Dunkerly, U.S. Air Force math award; Ronald Geho and Danielle Wanner, U.S. Army Reserves; Marie Gestole, Maryland Army National Guard distinguished scholar; Michael Whisman, Maryland Army National Guard scholar-athlete; George Fold, U.S. Marine Corps scholastic excellence award; Melissa Marchiano, USMC Semper Fidelis award; and Shannon Richardson, USMC distinguished athlete award.

Other state and local scholarships: Deanna Benner, Radford University, Stoney Creek Democratic Club; Samuel Bunn, Longwood College, Green Mountain College, Sunset Elementary scholarship; Roger Barr, appointment to U.S. Coast Guard Academy; Tiffany Chilcote, Tony and Vivian Spencer arts scholarship; Amal Dave, University of Pennsylvania, High Point Elementary scholarship, SGA scholarship; Joshua Diffendall, Maryland senatorial scholarship; Cristina Distelrath/Smith, Frostburg University, Maryland senatorial scholarship, Lauers IGA scholarship; Dennis Dunkerly, University of Maryland, College Park, James Griffin Memorial scholarship, Maryland senatorial scholarship, High Point Elementary scholarship; Kelly Duvall, Maryland senatorial scholarship.

Andrew Fleck, Mars Supermarket Scholarship, Valerie Pendegraph Memorial scholarship; Barbara Fowler, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Mary Farrell/George Fox Middle School scholarship, Anne Carducci Memorial/PTSA scholarship, Pasadena Business Association scholarship; George Fold, Maryland senatorial scholarship, Fore N Aft yearbook scholarship; Desiree Froat, senior class, SGA, Anne Carducci Memorial/PTSA scholarships; Jennifer George, Seton Hill College; Marie Gestole, Florida Institute of Technology, Virginia Polytechnic University, Chatham College, University of Science-Philadelphia, High Point Elementary scholarship; Scott Goodnow, College of Charleston, Johnson and Wales College.

Justin Harper, RETS Technical Training Center; Jeanine Jaeger, International Beauty School, Glen Burnie; Annabelle Lagpao, Mary Farrell/George Fox Middle School scholarship, Honor Society scholarship, Lauers IGA scholarship, Student Marketing Enterprise Foundation scholarship; Angela Lawhorn, UMCP, Drexel University, Towson University, Maryland senatorial scholarship, Fore N Aft yearbook scholarship, Riviera Beach Elementary scholarship; Katherine Llewellyn, Northeast Players scholarship; Keisha Mahoney, Harold Zastrow Memorial scholarship; Melissa Marchiano, UMBC, Anne Carducci Memorial/PTSA scholarship, Northeast Players scholarship; Nicholas Marshall, Maryland senatorial scholarship; Melanie Mattoon, Drexel College, Washington College, UMCP, Pasadena Business Association scholarship.

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