Bullishness among advisers hits high level

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June 11, 1999|By Julius Westheimer

DANGER SIGNALS: "It's worrisome that the percent of bullish advisers now stands at an extremely high reading of 61.1 percent, the highest since October -- and you know what happened then! Historically, when so many bulls all move to one side of the boat, it tips and we get a market setback." (Professional Tape Reader)

"Look for the Fed to raise interest rates shortly, sending the prime rate from 7 3/4 to 8 percent. The Fed feels the economy isn't slowing fast enough to avoid inflation." (CNBC-TV)

"We shudder when we hear the Fed may hike interest rates. The last two times the Fed hinted at higher rates, in 1997 and 1998, the market promptly nosedived." (Personal Finance)

BRIGHTER NEWS: "Recent investments by billionaire Warren Buffett in real estate investment trusts may signal that the worst is over for this beaten-up sector." (Income Digest)

NOTES & QUOTES: "A mutual fund is like a supertanker. It just can't be turned around easily." (Peter Lynch)

"The number of households with `on-line accounts' has tripled in 16 months to 6.3 million." (Portfolio Manager's Weekly)

"As an industry group of ongoing value, electric utilities are the brightest lights on Wall Street. Many are available at reasonable prices." (Investment Quality Trends)

"Electric utility stocks made an important bottom, re-tested that bottom and are now emerging into a new uptrend." (Capital Growth Letter)

"Many taxpayers are trying to figure out how to lessen their income tax bite. Throw in an increase in income, guarantee its amount for life, and a charitable gift annuity looks pretty good." (Babson-United Report)

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