"The book I enjoyed reading was 'How to Kill a Monster' by...

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June 09, 1999

"The book I enjoyed reading was 'How to Kill a Monster' by R. L. Stine. It is summer and a young brother and his sister are being sent to stay with their grandparents. They hate to stay with them because their house is in a swamp in the middle of nowhere. Everything is green -- walls and furniture -- from the moss that grows due to the dampness. However, this year's visit will be much different from all the others."

-- Sha'Quna Collins

Choptank Elementary

"I like the 'Clue Jr.' mystery books by Della Rowland because the characters always figure out the mystery by using hard-to-find clues. Another reason I like 'Clue Jr.' books is because it's fun to try to figure out the mysteries before they do."

-- Michael Lamb

Jacksonville Elementary

Pub Date: 06/09/99

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