No leftovers remain with this bread

Rush-Hour Remedies

June 09, 1999|By Joanne E. Morvay

* Item: Pillsbury Homestyle Loaf

* What you get: One 9-by-5-inch loaf of bread

* Cost: About $1.79

* Preparation time: 50 to 60 minutes

* Review: Although the hourlong prep time might seem daunting, keep in mind how long it takes to make bread from scratch (or even with a bread machine) when you buy Pillsbury's newest refrigerated dough. Suddenly, an hour for fresh bread doesn't seem like such a long wait. The dough is easy to use: Pop it out of the tube into a greased loaf pan and right into the oven. The results are perfect. Fresh bread on the table, that fresh-baked smell all through the house and no leftovers (at our house, anyway). We tried the white loaf. It also comes in wheat.

Pub Date: 06/09/99

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