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June 07, 1999


Father's Day is Sunday, June 20. Have you thought about what you're going to give dear old dad? How about your sweet, smiling face?

If you need to come up with a gift in a hurry, check out "Making Picture Frames," by Linda Hendry and Lisa Rebnord ($5.95 from Kids Can Press). The paperback guide has easy ideas for more than 25 frames you can make at home. Most are made from stuff you already have on hand -- like old jar lids, foil, cardboard and tissue paper. Some of the frames might take you a little time, but most ideas are quick to create. Here's one idea from the book: Make a collage frame.

1. Make a frame shape by gluing pictures cut from magazines or calendars onto a piece of bristol board (or even sturdy cardboard). Brush on white glue thinned with water -- or you can brush on Mod Podge, which works the same way. Let it dry.

2. Cut out the frame and the photo opening. Tape your photo in place from behind. If you want, make a frame back from another piece of bristol board or cardboard.

Another easy way to make dad's day is to write him a letter. For inspiration, check out the new book "Me and My Dad" by Stuart Hample ($7.95 from Workman Publishing). It's a collection of letters and thoughts from kids to and about their dads. It makes a nice gift, too.

-- Janis Campbell

Source: "Making Picture Frames,"

Kids Can Press

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