Books to give babies

Think About It

June 06, 1999

If you read to your baby, your baby will want to read to herself -- or at least pretend to. Here are some books that will take rough treatment.

* "Miffy," Dick Bruna (Price Stern, 1964). Bruna's simple, brightly colored illustrations were all the rage a few years ago. Babies still love them.

* "Where's Spot?" Eric Hill (Putnam, 1980). That puppy Spot gets into trouble in book after book. Reinforced construction helps the book last.

* "I Can -- Can You?" Peggy Parrish (Greenwillow, 1980). Ten laminated pages about important things: toes and fingers.

* "Zoe's Sunny Day," Barbara Reid (Scholastic 1991) and the other Zoe books available in the boxed set. Wonderful Plasticine illustrations give much to talk about with your baby.

-- From "Raising a Reader," by Paul Kropp

Pub Date: 06/06/99

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